Are You a Joy Sucker? What’s Your Happy?

Do you know someone that every time you greet them they give the same response? A mixture of a greeting and a complaint all in the same sentence?

Me: “Hey, good morning! How are you?”
Them: “Oh, I’m here. Hangin’ in there.”
Me: ” Well, that’s a start. I hope you have a good day.”
Them: ” Hmm, me too. But I know it won’t happen like that. I’m just trying to survive.”

When you walk away from this person,  two things are usually true.  First, you instantly feel a drop in your own energy and second, you already know how their day is going to go… exactly like they said it would!

How many of you are that person? A joy sucker or an energy vampire. The one who starts the day in a funk and puts their negative energy out there for everyone to cross paths with? Do you wake up everyday feeling like you should be doing something different with your life? Do you ask is this all that there is?

The law of attraction summed up is that what you put out into the universe is what you get back. This means that your perception is your reality. If you see something as negative, you will only get negative out of it. Most of us go through our day in a daze. Performing mundane, perfunctory tasks that drain us of our enthusiasm and creativity and leave us emotionally bankrupt. We have lost touch with what really excites us and makes us feel genuine joy. Some of us have moments of laughter, but haven’t really been happy for years.

If this sounds familiar, then the good news is that you can change this TODAY. Just like small changes in your eating habits can add up to noticeable improvements in health, so can small changes in your mindset result in a whole new perception of life.

Take some time today to think about what makes you happy. Really deep down in your gut happy. Painting, writing, dancing, singing, drawing, cooking, acting. These are all forms of creativity and self expression that can elevate your mood and get those feel good juices flowing again. Reconnect with what brought you joy in your younger years. Chances are it will have the same effect now.

Is there anything you do for YOURSELF on a regular basis that brings you joy? I’d love to hear!


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